“4th of July” Covered Strawberries

So, since I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries for my valentine on Valentine’s Day, I figured it would only be appropriate to cover my strawberries in 4th of July this time instead. Since the strawberry is already naturally red, I thought that this holiday treat would be perfect to serve on the 4th of July at a party or barbecue. I looked up the recipe for this yummy treat online, and it seems like something I can definitely manage to create (hopefully). If I managed to successfully make the chocolate covered strawberries, how hard could covering them in 4th of July be… Right?

Here are the directions to making your own 4th of July covered strawberries:

1.  Go to your local supermarket and buy your favorite brand of strawberries (duh).

2.  Purchase white chocolate mix. I personally recommend the brand “Dolci Frutta,” which is the same brand I used on Valentine’s Day.

3.  For the blue part, you have three options of what to cover your strawberry in, depending on your personal preference-

  • Blue sugar (used in the picture below)
  • Edible glitter
  • Sprinkles

4.  Put your choice of blue in a bowl. Make sure that the strawberry can easily fit in the bowl so that the red and blue sections look as neat, and even as possible.

5.  Follow the instructions of the back of the white chocolate mix on how to heat up the mix properly. It’s very important to not overheat the chocolate because it will not stick to the strawberries! (Trust me, it doesn’t come out pretty).

6.  Dip the strawberry into the white chocolate mix when the mix reaches the right temperature. BUT, only dip the lower two-thirds of the strawberry into the mix; leaving room for the blue, and leaving a good portion of the strawberries’ natural red showing.

7.  Then, dip the lower two-thirds of the white chocolate covered part of the strawberry into the bowl of blue. Or, you can also spoon the blue onto to strawberry yourself.

8.  Finally, place the finished strawberry onto wax paper to cool off.

When you finish covering your desired amount of strawberries, I recommend putting them in the fridge. Personally, I like my strawberries served chilled, but it’s up to you! Enjoy :- )

Hopefully mine turn out as neat as these, and I learn from my mistakes on Valentine's Day.

Hopefully mine turn out as neat as these, and I learn from my strawberry-covering mistakes on Valentine’s Day. Wish me luck!

Easter Egg Fun

Since Easter is all about the Easter Bunny and egg hunting, I decided to blog about my experience coloring eggs, rather than baking treats. This year, my family and I celebrated Easter at my house, and we thought it would be fun to color some eggs while our stomachs settled in between courses. (I’m still not sure how I ate so much.. but that’s beside the point) Anyway, my cousin couldn’t remember the last time he colored eggs, so we decided to treat him to some egg coloring. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I colored eggs either, so it was a bit difficult to begin the process at first. However, with a little help from the Moms in the house, we somehow managed to make it work!


1. Go to your local Walgreens or CVS and purchase the egg coloring kit of your choice. We decided to go with the “PAAS Easter Egg Coloring Kit.” The kit included the egg dye (a colored circular pill shaped object), decorations for the egg (hats, faces, belts, glitter, etc), the egg holder (a circular metal object), and a place to put the eggs to dry (cut-outs on the back of the box).

2. Boil the amount of eggs you wish to color for about 20 minutes.

3. Let the eggs cool off for about 5-10 minutes.

4. In order to color the eggs, you need to set up a station of  plastic bowls or cups (your choice), according to how many colors your Egg Coloring Kit included.

5. Fill the bowls or cups to the top with warm water.

6. Pour a small amount of vinegar into each bowl. The vinegar is required in order for for the color tablets to dissolve in the water.

7. Once your eggs are cooled off, and your coloring station is set up, you’re ready to start coloring your eggs!

Below are a few photos of how our eggs turned out. Enjoy! Xoxo


Coloring Station


The Finished Products

Valentine’s Day Treats

Many people seem to have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s day depending on their current relationship status. For those of you who love Valentine’s day and are looking for some sweet treats to give to your lover, then you’ve come to the right place.

This year, as opposed to going out and buying a box of chocolates or candy for my Valentine, I decided that I want to be a little bit more creative and make some home made treats so that both of us can enjoy. Since chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite dessert, I decided that I was going to attempt to make some for my Valentine. My mom always makes them at home and they always come out amazing, so I asked her for advice on how to make them.

Obviously, I’m not expecting the same results as her because she’s much more talented than I am when it comes to baking, but I’m hoping that if I follow all of her instructions, the results will be some what close to hers.

Here are the steps to making the perfect chocolate covered strawberries for your Valentine!

1. Purchase a package of strawberries. (duh….)

2. Purchase the chocolate mix, I personally recommend the brand “Dolci frutta.”

3. Follow the instructions on the back of the box on how to microwave the chocolate properly. It’s very important that you don’t overheat the chocolate for the best results!

4. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate, and carefully place them on wax paper so that the chocolate can harden.

5. After the chocolate hardens, you’re done!

Unfortunately, mine didn't turn out as neat as I hoped. BUT, they were still just as delicious!

Unfortunately, mine didn’t turn out as neat as I had hoped. BUT, they were still just as delicious! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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