Easter Egg Fun

Since Easter is all about the Easter Bunny and egg hunting, I decided to blog about my experience coloring eggs, rather than baking treats. This year, my family and I celebrated Easter at my house, and we thought it would be fun to color some eggs while our stomachs settled in between courses. (I’m still not sure how I ate so much.. but that’s beside the point) Anyway, my cousin couldn’t remember the last time he colored eggs, so we decided to treat him to some egg coloring. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I colored eggs either, so it was a bit difficult to begin the process at first. However, with a little help from the Moms in the house, we somehow managed to make it work!


1. Go to your local Walgreens or CVS and purchase the egg coloring kit of your choice. We decided to go with the “PAAS Easter Egg Coloring Kit.” The kit included the egg dye (a colored circular pill shaped object), decorations for the egg (hats, faces, belts, glitter, etc), the egg holder (a circular metal object), and a place to put the eggs to dry (cut-outs on the back of the box).

2. Boil the amount of eggs you wish to color for about 20 minutes.

3. Let the eggs cool off for about 5-10 minutes.

4. In order to color the eggs, you need to set up a station of  plastic bowls or cups (your choice), according to how many colors your Egg Coloring Kit included.

5. Fill the bowls or cups to the top with warm water.

6. Pour a small amount of vinegar into each bowl. The vinegar is required in order for for the color tablets to dissolve in the water.

7. Once your eggs are cooled off, and your coloring station is set up, you’re ready to start coloring your eggs!

Below are a few photos of how our eggs turned out. Enjoy! Xoxo


Coloring Station


The Finished Products

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